Guitarist JANI LIIMATAINEN (The Dark Element, ex Sonata Arctica) joins INSOMNIUM.

Albumaktuelle INSOMNIUM har annonsert tidligere Sonata Arctica-gitarist JANI LIIMATAINEN som nytt medlem i bandet. LIIMATAINEN, som selv er snart albumaktuell med sitt eget band The Dark Element, tar over for Ville Vänni.

INSOMNIUM kommenterer:

In 2018 it became apparent that Ville could not combine the heavy touring anymore with his another career as a lecturer in York university. Hence, we decided that a third guitarist was needed to get the machinery running properly. We did not have to look far, since Jani Liimatainen had already been a live guitarist on several tours. And since this dude is amazing musician, vocalist, songwriter and all-round nice guy the decision was really a no-brainer. Now we are stronger than ever!


It is a great honour to join such an amazing band. I had already been touring with the guys on and off since 2015, filling in for Ville whenever needed, so when they asked me to officially join the band the answer was pretty much a no-brainer. I am looking forward to sharing many more metal moments with these guys who I am proud to call my friends.

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Samtidig som INSOMNIUM annonserer JANI LIIMATAINEN som ny gitarist kan bandet også melde at deres åttende album er like rundt hjørnet.

On October 4th, 2019, Finnish melodic death metal masters INSOMNIUM are going to release their new album “HEART LIKE A GRAVE” via Century Media Records worldwide.


1. Wail of the North
2. Valediction
3. Neverlast
4. Pale Morning Star
5. And Bells They Toll
6. The Offering
7. Mute Is My Sorrow
8. Twilight Trails
9. Heart Like a Grave
10. Karelia

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