ILIUM have released their new album Carcinogeist; watch album trailer here.

Australske Ilium, bestående av gitarist Jason Hodges og multiinstrumentalist Adam Smith, er nå ute med sitt 8. studioalbum Carcinogeist. Med seg på albumet har de fått med vokalist Lord Tim (Lord, ex-Dungeon) og trommeslager Tim Yatras.

The new Ilium album, featuring guest vocals by Lord Tim (LORD, Dungeon, Blackened Angel) and guest drums by Tim Yatras (LORD, Germ, Austere, Autumn’s Dawn), is the biggest production yet, with more hooks than a pirate convention in a bait shop!


  1. Imbecylum
  2. Carcinogeist
  3. Anachronistica
  4. Haunted By The Ghost Of Me
  5. Messiah For The Broken
  6. Harlequin Tree
  7. The Serpent Maligned
  8. Uncle Rupert’s Puppet Show
  9. Question Air
  10. Vigilante Vagrant

Order the album here.




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