After many years in the making, Herbie Langhans’ Radiant is finally ready to show the world what they have been up to. And with Radiant, Herbie shows the world where his music heart lies at the moment.

From Seventh Avenue, to Sinbreed, to Avantasia, and now Radiant. That’s quite a versatile career! How does Radiant reflect you as a musician and vocalist almost 30 years in the business?

Herbie: It really shows a little bit of the whole spectrum of what I have been involved with ; sometimes it’s a bit heavy, then some rock, and at other occasions it’s slow and bluesy – a little bit of everything, haha! I have played so many different styles of hard rock and metal, and now we have tried to create our own style! And the fact that I have tried so many different things have been very useful regarding my voice and my singing.

What’s the story behind Radiant? The band was founded some years ago, so it has taken some time from the band was founded until the debut album is released?

Herbie: Since 2010 we have been talking about either going on with Seventh Avenue or to start a new band. And as you can see we went for the latter. And one of the reasons for that was since I was the only member of the old Seventh Avenue we wanted to create something new.

There are many reasons why it did take some time until we released our first album. It took some time to find a new lineup and to figure out how we wanted to write the songs. And financially it was difficult since we didn’t have a record deal. And also, from the beginning, I wanted to produce the album like I did with Seventh Avenue.

Throughout the years I have also been involved in so many bands, like Sinbreed, Avantasia and Voodoo Circle, so it was difficult to find the time to finish the album. But, now it is finished and I promise that it won’t take so long until the next album is released!

Radiant is somewhat different from the previous bands you have been a part of, where Radiant is more rock than the super-fast power metal? Why the change in music style?

Herbie: Everyone in the band has their roots in 80’s hard rock, and that is what we love: pure classic hard rock. In the 90’s I listened a lot to metal and that was my style back then, but today I want to slow things down a bit. And that is the case with the other guys in the band as well; they are pure rock ‘n’ roll, they were never real metalheads!

I recently had an interview with Flo from Sinbreed who also said something like that, that «it was clear you were done with speed and power metal».

Herbie: I have done it so many years, and now I’m a little tired, haha! We also want to have more space in the music and in the sounds. If you play 160bpm all the time, you don’t have time to breath. And that was something we decided as a band, it was not only my idea!

You have already released singles from the album, so we all have a clue of what to expect, but with your own words: how would you describe the album?

Herbie: It’s a journey through hard rock! We all wrote the songs together in the studio over the years, and there are so many different structures, beats and melodies. I think that everyone will have different favorite tracks on this album! For us it was a cool journey on how we created this album, and we have found our way. So, for the next album we have the exact ideas  for how to work together ready!

How long have you been working with this album? As you mentioned you are a busy man; has it been difficult to priority Radiant?

Herbie: Yes, haha! We recorded the drums three years ago, and also the bass and a lot of the guitars. But then there were all the other projects… All together we used around four years!

I see that the lyrics is written by you and your wife Alena. How has that been, and how has she affected the lyrics?

Herbie: In the past I never wrote the lyrics. It started with Voodoo Circle, where my wife also helped me a lot. She is really good in English and also very creative. Now I write almost everything by myself, but I need her to check if it’s OK, haha!

Some reviews have already been published, and as far as I can see they are all very good. How excited has it been to release this album compared to other releases you have been involved in?

Herbie: It’s of course special for me because after all this years this is really my own baby. I have heard the songs thousands of times, and lost a little bit of the objectivity, so it’s really good to hear that other people also like what we do. And of course it’s a different feeling when you do everything from the scratch by yourself, so it’s much more than only being the member of a band.

How do you priority between the bands and the projects and where do Radiant stands? Is this the number one priority at the moment?

Herbie: Of course, personally it’s my priority, but I also need and want to do other projects like Avantasia or Voodoo Circle. And I love to play with my other bands, for sure, but Radiant is my and our baby! Every musician with multiple projects loves them all, but their own baby is always something special.

And one Avantasia question at the end: what can we expect form the upcoming album, and are you looking forward to the tour?

Herbie: The best and biggest rock opera in the world, with fantastic musicians and singers, combined with a great show! I have only heard a few songs from the new album and they sound amazing! I am really looking forward to this amazing tour, and this band has a special place in my heart.

Thank you and rock on!

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