Hedda Bremseth, a young artist and filmmaker based in Trondheim, Norway, is in the process of creating a roadmovie about a bunch of Manowar fans who will travel to Svalbard to see the band perform their first, and most likely last, concert in Longyearbyen.

Since February fans and others have had the opportunity to make financial contributions to help Hedda Bremseth create the movie The Last Battle – A Road Movie. Now the campaign has ended, and Bremseth can book her tickets to Svalbard and Longyearbyen.

Congratulations with a successful campaign! I saw a video you posted where you seemed quite surprised by the fact that you managed to reach your goal.

Hedda: Thank you very much! I am extremely grateful for all the contributions and for the fact that so many people want to see this happen!

What now? You have the money you need; how do you prepare yourself for what is ahead?

Hedda: I don’t know… To be honest I am thinking about everything that can go wrong. Be eaten by a polar bear, the plane crashes, and that everyone in Longyearbyen gets infected by a zombie virus.. That sort of things! But, on the other hand; if that happens it could be some important elements in the movie.

What is the plan when the plain to Svalbard takes off? Is it at that point the movie begins, or have you already started shooting?

Hedda: I am open to the fact that this movie can take any direction, as a road movie should do. If you stage too much, much of the spontaneity and the dynamic can disappear.

What kind of appointments or deals have you made beforehand?

Hedda: I have tried to get a hold of the band, but so far I haven’t made any deals with anyone. I’m thinking it would be cool if we manage to meet in Spitsbergen, more than anywhere else on the planet.

What are the plans from the moment you land on Svalbard? What kind of plans and ideas have you thought out beforehand, and are you allowed to film the concert?

Hedda: I don’t plan to film the actual concert. It can speak for itself. The plan is to explore the landscape together with the fans. I’ve never been there before, and I don’t think many of the fans have been either.

What do you hope to achieve with this movie; why did you choose this project?

Hedda: I felt that the idea spoke to me as call. Like a strong attraction and a gravity. This is just something I must do!

What are your relationship with Manowar?

Hedda: I have no special relationship with Manowar. I haven’t had the time to get to know the band as most of the fans have, but I am incredibly happy with the contact I have received with them and that they share their passion.

Hedda Bremseth (Photo: Elise Adamrød)

How did you discover the band and what was it about Manowar, and the fans, that made you think this could be an interesting movie?

Hedda: I think this is something that has not been done before. A pro filmmaker and manowar fan would probably have chosen a different approach than I initially have. I just want us to find a warm core together in the Arctic landscape.

What feedback have you received from fans around the world?

Hedda: Just that they like the concept and that they are looking forward to meeting up.

How big a Manowar fan are you now – compared to then you first started the project?

Hedda: I’m keeping it open for now, thinking that there is a lot that can happen after the concert.

What are your favorite Manowar songs?

Hedda: It has to be “Metal Warriors”! “If you’re not into metal, you are not my friend”!

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