HAMMERFALL premieres new video «Dominion».

HAMMERFALL har sluppet en musikkvideo til tittelsporet på bandets kommende album Dominion, som blir tilgjengelig 16. august på Napalm Records.

After the great success with the (We Make) Sweden Rock video, we needed to take the Dominion clip to a whole new Level.

Since it was impossible to take it higher – we decided to descend to Pandemonium, the Capital of Hell!

With great CGI effects the storyline walks hand in hand with the lyrical theme and never before have we had so much fun recording a video.

Read also: HammerFall announce World Dominion Tour 2020.

Read more about the upcoming Dominion album here.

Tidligere har HammerFall sluppet singelen «(We Make) Sweden Rock«.


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