HAMMER KING welcomes new bass player.

Tyske Hammer King har avslørt at bandets nye bassist er Gladius Thundersword (Daniel Schwerter).

The next chapter of Hammer King has begun – ladies and gentlemen, the new man on the bass guitar: Gladius Thundersword.

Gladius Thundersword (photo: Thommy Mardo Fotograf)

Gladius Thundersword tar over etter K.K. Basement, som forlot bandet tidligere i år.

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The band was honoured to audition half a legion of fine musicians. Gladius Thundersword was simply irresistibel and has brought a lot to the kingly table: He lived in L.A. on the famous sunset strip for five years, played with The Lion’s Pride, Mandy Lion’s World War III, partied with Lemmy, posed with KISS and did bad things with Ozzy.
He has a hand in writing and more than just a hand when it comes to women. Now his life belongs to thy Majesty, the Hammer King. Let’s rock!

Top photo: Thommy Mardo Fotograf


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