GATEKEEPER announce new guitarist.

Adam Bergen (Trollband) er ny gitarist i GATEKEEPER. Riktignok har han figurert som fast gitarist i hele år, både på scene og i studio, men nå er det altså offisielt.

We would like to publicly welcome ADAM BERGEN as the permanent lead guitarist of Gatekeeper. You’ve seen him onstage with us in all of our shows during 2019 and he’s been hard at work in the studio, writing, arranging and rehearsal new material with us for our second full-length album.

Photo: Derek Carr / Visions in Pixels by Derek Carr

Bandets forrige gitarist, Kenny Kroecher, ga seg tidligere i år av personlige årsaker.

At this time we’d like to extend a fond THANK YOU to our previous guitarist Kenny, who stepped away from the band leading up to our tour of the EU to focus on his recent marriage and his post-secondary education. We wish him nothing but the best for this new chapter in his life.


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