FOLLOW THE CIPHER part ways with bass player JONAS ASPLIND.

Jonas Asplind og Follow The Cipher skiller lag etter seks år. Bakgrunnen for avgjørelsen er mangfoldig, hvor bandet lister opp blant annet ulikt syn på bandets videre vei, store avstander mellom medlemmene, og ulike familiesituasjoner. Asplind derimot har et annet syn på saken, som kan leses nederst.

Being in a band means many different wills and ways of seeing things. Trying to push the whole thing in the same direction, hopefully forward, is not always easy. And on top of that we all live pretty far from each other and have different personal/family situations. And so as a consequence of all these things it is with a heavy heart we announce the departure between Follow the Cipher and bass player Jonas Asplind.

Follow The Cipher skriver videre dette:

Jonas has been in the band for many years. always with big enthusiasm and sparking energy both on and off stage. With the years gone by conditions change and that is primarily what have lead to this decision.

Bandet ønsker Asplind lykke til videre med karrieren, blant annet i nystartede Ad Infinitum.

Jonas Asplind (photo: Nigel Conniford)

Jonas Asplind har denne kommentaren:

This is truly sad and not by my own choice and came a bit out of the blue earlier this year! But I guess for the best for both parts!
As I don’t want to be somewhere where i’m not welcome.
I will forever love FTC music as i always been a fan of the music. And it’s been a blessing to play the music I love, but it will take some time and distance before I can listen to the music again as I’m heartbroken.

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