FAIRYLAND release first single from upcoming album Osyrhianta.

22. mai 2020 slipper Fairyland sitt nye album Osyrhianta, og nå er første smakebit fra det etterlengtede albumet ute i form av singelen «Hubris Et Orbis«.

FAIRYLAND’s new single «Hubris Et Orbis» is out now! Watch the accompanying lyric video here.


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The new album will be a concept album exploring the origins of the fantasy realm Osyrhia and its rich history, with the events taking place thousands of years before «Of Wars In Osyrhia» thus serving as a prequel to the band’s existing album trilogy.


1. The Age Of Birth
2. Across The Snow
3. The Hidden Kingdom Of Eloran
4. Eleandra
5. Heralds Of The Green Lands
6. Alone We Stand
7. Hubris Et Orbis
8. Mount Mirenor
9. Of Hope And Despair in Osyrhia
10. The Age Of Light



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