EVERFROST’s second studio album, WINTERIDER, to be released via ROCKSHOTS RECORDS on September 6th.

Finske EVERFROST kommer i september med en oppfølger av debutalbumet BLUE EYED EMOTION som kom i 2015. Oppfølgeren, som heter WINTERIDER, fortsetter der debutalbumet slapp; både med tanke på historien, det tematiske og det visuelle.

Winterider will be a unique undertaking for a metal/rock band, as it will be the combination of a fully coherent manga comic and a conceptual album. The story will feature characters from debut album Blue Eyed Emotion, and will take them on a desperate journey to survive a never-ending winter! This type of an album has never been attempted before, and the band is pulling out all the stops to provide you with a truly unique experience in the world of comics and music!


1. Winterider
2. Juhannus in January
3. Chainlace Angel
4. Actraiser
5. Cold Night Remedy
6. Above the Treeline
7. Brandy and Antifreeze
8. Die Young
9. Darkwoods Drain Backwaters
10. A Whisper in a Frozen Tale

The album features Asim Searah from Wintersun as special guest on «Above The Treeline», and includes a cover version of «Die Young» originally By Kesha.

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