The first single from Dark Moor’s forthcoming album, Origins, is available now. Listen to the song and read what founder and guitarist Enrik García has to say about the new album.

Wow, I can fill a whole book trying to explain that, says Enrik on the question regarding the musikal development of Dark Moor. And I believe him! Because everyone who has followed Dark Moor during the years; from the first three albums With Elisa C. Martín on vocals, where the band fronted the classic European power metal of early 2000, to the slowly change the following years where they also got a male vocalist in Alfred Romero, knows it is indisputable that Dark Moore has always progressed their sound. It is normal for a band to have an evolution with the music. And yes, maybe we were more focused on playing fast in the early days, where we now are more relaxed? Now we are more mature, and that will also reflect in the music, but for us it’s also important not to lose the illusion.

And the illusion Enrik is talking about is in the context of songwriting and recording new albums, this being the band’s 11th studio album. Because it is interesting to know whether or not it becomes easier, or more difficult, writing new albums and songs over the years. Not easier, I can tell you that! The problem is always to be original. We try not to lose the illusion in each work, and that is the number one priority when we create something.

And maybe that’s why this new album has a Celtic theme, and the previous album (Project X, 2015) had an alien theme. Different themes bring in different instruments, new ways of writing songs and a fresh start – everytime. It just makes every process different from previous ones. With «Origins» we were inspired by Celtic music and myths when writing the songs, and I think that it adds a new breath of fresh air to Our music. After the last album, «Project X», we wanted to return to a theme more known to us. So, on this album most of the songs tells stories about mythology, traditions etc., but we also have some songs that are more about everyday matter too.

But how important is it that an album has an overall theme, you may wonder. How does that reflect on the songwriting, and what comes first: the theme or the songs? We decide the theme first, Enrik can explain. After the theme is decided, we start to think about the songs and how the music can relate to the theme. Then we compose the music, and finally we write the lyrics. And to answer the question if it is important… I think that the case of albums having themes is a part of Dark Moor.

The new album, Origins, will be released in December, but it is available for pre-order on October 15th. And according to Enrik the fans will not be disappointed. We are really happy with the recording! We have defined our sound even more, everyone in the band are satisfied and I also think that our fans will like it a lot!

The tracklist for the new album is:

  1. Birth Of The Sun
  2. The Spectres Dance
  3. Crossing Through Your Heart
  4. Raggle Taggle Gypsy
  5. In The Middle Of The Night
  6. And For Ever
  7. Druidic Creed
  8. Iseult
  9. Mazy
  10. Holy Geometry
  11. Green Lullaby

Listen to the first single, «Birth Of The Sun»:

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