ENERGEMA is a power metal band from Columbia, founded by Nicolas Waldo in 2015. Now, three years later the band are ready to release their third album. PowerMetal.no had a talk with mr. Waldo, to hear how that is even possible.

Eternal War is the third album within three years. You must be quite busy?

Nicolas: I am very dedicated to music. The music is my profession and my hobby, and this is what I love to do. I love to make music, either is is for my band or for my solo project. It is a passion, and of course: it is a privilege to have released three albums during these years with Energema.

I understand! But how do you manage to be so effective, so to say?

Nicolas: The most important thing is that you really want to do it, that you like what you do. But that’s not all, you must also be disciplined and strict with your time.

For me, Energema is a new discovery. Is it difficult to get noticed by fans, and what are Energema’s plan to «conquer the world»?

Nicolas: Obviously, it would be amazing if we could «conquer the world», like you said. But our vision is simpler, or more realistic if you will. And that is to make music and to reach as much people as possible. 

Our goal is that fans, and possible fans, discover and listen to our music, and that the Energema name gets stronger day by day. We are working very hard to make this happen.

You have recently got a new vocalist. How has that influenced the music of Energema?

Nicolas: David [Camilo Solano] is an amazing vocalist, and I’m very happy to get to work with him! And he does not only sing power metal, he knows different musical styles and I think his sound is very enriching for the band. Also, he is killing it live! He is just awesome, and his connection with the audience is very good!

You have also got a new record company. So, a new vocalist and a new record company: there are a lot of Things going on at the moment! Are you feeling that the band are heading in the right direction?

Nicolas: Of course! I truly believe that! Few bands have the strenght and energy to continue after the first album, and maybe the second. That’s the reality. And I must admit: it’s not easy. Every day there are new bands entering the scene, both good and bad of course. And like I said previously: you need passion and constancy to make it happen. Very often bands record their first album and then break up because they don’t reach the top immediately. For many bands, that’s the reality.

Also, lineup changes often destabilize a project, but in our case it was for the better. Yes, it was a big change, but it was also like a «fresh breath of air» that was very necessary for the band to take the next step.

And now I recieve several proposals for live shows, even outside of Columbia. For us that is very good, but without the hard work we have put in during these years, that wouldn’t be the reality. I think it is very important to grab every moment and make it into something positive.

What can you tell me about the new album?

Nicolas: For me, this is our best album! I love all of our albums, but at the moment Eternal War is the pinnacle of our career.

It’s a concept album with 10 powerful tracks and a sequel to the «World Of Zionix» saga I started on the previous albums. And in addition to the classic power metal sound, it also has different musical elements such as classical interludes and FX sounds. It’s an album it’s easy to listen to, and I hope others will enjoy it as much as we do!

I saw that you were sharing stage With Edu Falaschi recently, during his Rebirth Of Shadows Tour. How was that?

Nicolas: Yes, that was an amazing show! I’m a big fan of Angra, and especially the Edu Falaschi and Aquiles Priester era. You know, the Rebirth and Temple Of Shadows albums. And for us it was a privilege to share the same stage and to play at the same show With them. Their performance was Incredible, they are such fabulous musicians!

We got to play 5 songs and I did a guitar/keyboard solo. On Our Facebook page we have uploaded som clips of this performance. 

During the years we have had the privilege to play with great artist of the power metal scene such as Edu Falaschi, Aquiles Priester and Freedom Call, and that has undoubtedly been great opportunities for us.

And when can we see you in Europe?

Nicolas: For now we are working on promoting our new album, but we hope we get the opportunity to go to Europe very soon!

Eternal War is due for release October 1st on Metalism Records.

Check out their Facebook page for news and updates.

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