ELVENKING releases cover of IRON MAIDEN as their new single.

Elvenking, som nylig måtte utsette Europaturneen Divination, har nå gitt fansen et lite plaster på såret i form av en ny singel. Riktignok er det ikke snakk om ny musikk, da de denne gangen har laget en coversang av Iron Maidens «No Prayer For The Dying«.

ELVENKING recently (like so many others acts) had to postpone their European “Divination” tour dates but come around with a little ear candy to cheer up their fans: today the band unleashes their new single “No Prayer For The Dying”.

Elvenking har denne kommentaren om situasjonen bandet nå står ovenfor:

Dear Elvenlegions, This difficult year is coming with a lot of hard decisions and a lot of sacrifice. Especially now that we are all facing a global emergency. We were forced to cancel this year’s headlining tour and this was really sad for us. Anyway we want to make a special gift to you all by releasing this cover song we recorded during the sessions of «Reader of the Runes – Divination». It is a small thing to keep us all on track and to remind you that Elvenking is still here and that is still planning to release new music and to be back on stage (hopefully) soon.
Om hvorfor de valgte nettopp «No Prayer For The Dying«, sier bandet dette:
We chose a song by Iron Maiden because it is THE band that deeply influenced our musical path and that literally changed our lives. Why «No Prayer for the Dying»? We know that a lot of Maiden fans think that this is one of their worst albums, but we always thought it hid a great potential, and this song is a true example. We gave it the Elvenking touch and we really hope that you will enjoy it! So here’s our gift to you Elvenlegions, take care and Stay Pagan!



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