DRAKKAR announce new EP Falling Down.

Veteranene i italienske Drakkar kommer med EP-en Falling Down i november. Utgivelsen vil bli tilgjengelig både digitalt og i fysisk format via bandets Patreon-side.

DRAKKAR has announced today the release of a new EP in November. The EP, titled “Falling Down”, will be out in digital version on the band’s Bandcamp page and will be available in both physical and digital version, with one additional song, exclusively on the band’s Patreon page.

Drakkar – Falling Down (artwork: Alessandro Bragalini)

Falling Down kommer to år etter bandets forrige EP, Cold Winter’s Night. Etter planene skulle bandet slippe sitt 6. studioalbum nå i år (siste fullengder, Run With The Wolf, ble utgitt i 2015), men dagens situasjon satte en stopper for de planene.

We’ve had a new album ready for a while, and it was supposed to come out this year, but the pandemic situation and the impossibility to play live has convinced us and the label that will put it out – whose name we cannot reveal yet – to wait until early 2021 to do a proper launch. However, we didn’t want to end 2020 without a new release, so we’ve recorded 3 new songs and 1 cover version of “Toss a Coin to your Witcher”. –Dario Beretta

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Falling Down vil også være Drakkars første utgivelse uten keyboardist Emanuele Lele Laghi. Det er ingen dramatikk bak dette, men bandets lydbilde har endret seg så mye at behovet for en keyboardist er ikke-eksisterende.

More info about the upcoming EP Falling Down here.


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