DAWN OF DESTINY reveal the concept and tracklist of The Beast Inside.

Tyske DAWN OF DESTINY signerte i vår en avtale med plateselskapet Ram It Down Records, samtidig som de avslørte at bandets syvende album var på vei.

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Tidlig i juli kunne DAWN OF DESTINY avsløre albumcoveret til The Beast Inside. Nå er konseptet rundt albumet og låtlisten ute.

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1. The Beast Inside A Beauty
2. It’s My Fate
3. Pain In Me
4. Fight Your Inner Demons
5. Peace Of Mind
6. Looking For A Hero
7. Signs In The Sky
8. Surrounded
9. Why Am I Here?
10. Already Dead
11. If We Close Our Eyes
12. Longing

The Beast Inside deals with a young woman called Christine who lives separated from her mother alone in a foreign town. Due to many violations and traumas she tries to live a new life but abuse and fear followed her up. When she meets a blind man she realises someone who comprehends her but the real horror is yet to come when she has to face her own identity.

The Beast Inside slippes 13. september 2019.

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