As the lead singer for Lost Horizon, Daniel Heiman was on of the greatest vocalist on the power metal scene in the early 2000s. But after two albums the band broke up, and since then Heiman has only occasionally been active on the scene. But now he’s working on a new solo project!

I would like to start with a trip down memory lane, if that’s okay with you! Because, there’s a lot of people wondering where you have been and what you have been up to since you left Lost Horizon. So, let’s begin there: what happened with Lost Horizon? Why only two albums?

Daniel: Well, as you probably know I’ve been busy with other bands and guest appearances during the years. 
The reasons for only releasing two albums with Lost Horizon are many – too many to get into, plus I don’t want to talk about that, as the other members can’t fend for themselves here.

That I understand! So, let’s continue with the years after you left Lost Horizon. You recorded one album with Crystal Eyes (Confessions Of The Maker, 2005) and you started up a new band called Heed, along with former Lost Horizon guitarist Fredrik Olsson. What was the idea behind that band? 

Daniel: To conquer the world of course…
Heed was a band that started long before Lost Horizon, but me and Fredrik hadn’t time to start it earlier. We had different bands back in the day, with similar kind of music – just a little younger sound. I remember a demo that we made in our first studio that we build on top of the bass players parents garage. Very heavy and Heed like tunes. 



After Heed ended (2008), you have been guest vocalist in Harmony, Disdain, Sarea, Frequency, and most recently in Marius Danielsen’s Legend Of Valley Doom. I guess you get a lot of request to contribute from all sorts of bands. How do you choose which one to guest?

Daniel: In Disdain I was a guest singer, background singer and I also recorded and produced the lead singer. In Harmony I was a session singer on one album and guest singer on one song on an earlier album. The rest I was only a guest singer. 

Yes, I get a lot of requests from time to time! How I choose them depends… If I like what I hear and I’ve got the time, why not?

Apart from various guest jobs: what have you been up to since Heed? And why have you been absent from the power metal scene?

Daniel: I did an album with Lavett which was a completely different genre and the sole reason was that I wanted to do something completely different. I have a very varied musical taste, and that kind of music was at the time very appealing to me. I explore new singing styles all the time and I love to try different approaches to my own style as well.

When it comes to Heed, we did a demo in 2007 that was supposed to be a second album, but I was kind of burned out at that time and so was the whole band. I went on with Lavett on one album, and now I’m writing new stuff for my solo album. All seems like natural phylogenies for me. I’m not into music for others; I don’t want to do what other people think I should do either. I always follow my own heart and I can understand that it may seem strange to others.

Power metal, or what I would wall it especially when it comes to Lost Horizon; True Metal, is and will always be a genre that I will fall back to as ofteen as I can and when I feel the time is right and the fire is there.
I still listen to it a lot; old as well as new stuff, and still I dig it immensly!

I guess a lot of people are interested to hear more about the solo album! For how long have you been working on that, and why have you decided to start a solo project?

Daniel: I’ve been working on and off on my solo project. The thing is that  I’m kind of searching within for an approach to this thing.
All my own musical influences and what I really want to say musically is not an easy thing. So, all my creations are still undergoing some kind of assortment, plus I’m writing new stuff all the time.

The reason why I’m doing a solo album is simple; I’ve always wanted to do it! I’m writing every single thing right now on my own, but I’m not a complete stranger to record it later with other musicians if I find it worthy. Or maybe I’ll have some guest appearances only, or maybe both…

Have you been thinking of which musicians that will be involved in this project?

Daniel: Not yet, but I have a few in mind…

What kind of Music are we speaking of?

Daniel: Metal in some form..

What are the timeline; when will we get the first taste?

Daniel: No timeline is set… I will probably release one or more songs as singles, or maybe I’ll release the whole thing at once; the possibilities today are almost endless. Maybe I’ll go for a traditionally release? I don’t know yet. As I’m in the writing process right now it’s hard to say, but nothing is signed yet anyway and I think I want it that way because it gives me freedom.

As for the first taste, I’ve some ideas to film the process and maybe share that in some form, but I will probably release a single as a sample. Also, I’ve got some secret ideas about this…

Other than the solo project; do you have other future plans, or do you have other projects that you are working on?

Daniel: Yes, there’s a steady request wave from other bands and artists that I consider now and then. Also, I have other exciting projects in the works, but that’s nothing I can reveal right now. 

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