CRYSTAL EYES demo compilation, Gallery Of Demos, is now available for streaming.

Crystal Eyes kommer med en gave fra fortiden når de tilgjengeliggjør samlealbumet Gallery Of Demos for streaming for aller første gang. Albumet, som lenge har vært utsolgt, inneholder bandets fire første demoer utgitt i tidsrommet 1994-1998.

Since we can’t get out to meet the fans as planned and the world seems to stand still because of this crazy virus, we’ve decided to give you a little surprise from the past: GALLERY OF DEMOS is now available for streaming and download.


  1. The Dragon’s Lair
  2. Victims Of The Frozen Hate
  3. Interstellar War
  4. Another Race
  5. Rage On The Sea
  6. The Final Sign
  7. Twilight Dreams
  8. Extreme Paranoia
  9. Winds Of The Free
  10. A Tale Of Forgotten Realms
  11. The Shadowed Path
  12. Strange Dimension
  13. Queen Of The Night
  14. Crystal Eyes
  15. We Are The Future

This is a collection of the 4 official CRYSTAL EYES demo-tapes from 1994 to 1998. It was released in 1998 as a self made CD sold exclusively by the band, but has been out of print for many years. At this time there are no plans of reprinting the CD or the cassettes so it will only be available in digital form.

Bandet ser selv på dette som en viktig del av Crystal Eyes’ historie, og som viser utviklingen fram til platekontrakt i 1998.

These early days are an important part of CRYSTAL EYES history and the recordings show the path that finally lead us to a record deal in 1998.




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