CRIMSON SHADOWS to release new EP, The Resurrection, feat. cover songs of STRATOVARIUS and DRAGONFORCE.

Crimson Shadows slipper EP-en The Resurrection 13. mars via Napalm Records. EP-en inneholder 3 låter, hvor to av låtene er coversanger av Stratovarius og DragonForce.


1. Betrayed By Thy King (Re-Recorded Version)
2. Blackfire (DragonForce Cover)
3. Against The Wind (Stratovarius Cover)

Crimson Shadow har følgende kommentar:

This EP is our «Resurrection». We journeyed back to the music and bands that inspired us in our youth and put together two covers, Stratovarius’s «Against the Wind» and Dragonforce’s «Blackfire». These bands brought us together as musicians and brothers to build CRIMSON SHADOWS to what it has become. We also made the decision to re-record the song «Betrayed By Thy King» from our 2007 EP to better express these influences and how they came to be a part of our music and to reintroduce our fans to our earlier material.



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