When the news about an upcoming Wind Rose album emerged, PowerMetal.no had to check in and hear from the band itself how everything is going.

Next year you will release your fourth studio album, but it’s also your tenth anniversary as a band. Have you thought anything about that, will there be something special planned for next year?

Claudio Falconcini: We honestly didn’t think about anything. We are not so interested in birthdays and anniversaries, we are focused in creating an absolute masterpice of an album!

About those ten years: would you say that the band has changed musically during those years?

CF: The band has changed in almost everything in these 10 years. On the musical point of view, it’s like each album we’ve released was better than the previous one. Album by album we have shaped our own style, and let’s say that this upcoming album will be much better than Stonehymn [2017].

About the forthcoming album: what are the title and how many songs will there be?

CF: We have a clue of the title, but I cannot share until it’s official! The album will have one intro and eight songs.

What can you tell me about the lyrics and overall concept of the album?

CF: The lyrics will overall be about Dwarves (who could tell?!). We will sing about their battles, deeds, journeys, drinking and mining.

And musically? Regarding the musically development; is it Wind Rose as we know it?

CF: It is Wind Rose as you all know it, but more powerful, more massive and heavier. We preferred this time to focus more on heavy riffs than playing fast, as we think it’s what power metal needs nowadays. 

But of course, you will get some drinking and dancing songs as well!

What are your thoughts on musically development? Some bands are constantly trying to develop their sound, some follows the wind of what is popular or what not, and others stay true to their original sound all the way. Where is Wind Rose in this perspective?

CF: Initially our musical development was mandatory: we wrote the first albums when we were more or less kids, so our own style still needed to be created. But I feel like with this upcoming album we are almost there, the future albums won’t be so stylistically different from this next one. Stonehymn was already almost near to what we are today, but it still was lacking steadiness, some parts in the songs were a bit «random», if you know what I mean. 

At the moment, I think the next albums will all sound pretty much like this upcoming one, but of course times and minds can change, haha!

During the ten years the lineup has been quite steady, having only changed the drummer and the bassist. How important is a steady lineup? 

CF: It depends on what role each member has in the band. If there’s a mastermind doing everything (composing, arranging, managing) changing a marginal member won’t be a big problem for anyone; maybe if one of them was good looking or particularly good at playing his/her instrument, then it might be a problem to find a suitable replacement. In other cases I think there’s a core in the band that cannot be changed, simply because what you hear in the albums and what you see live are the consequences of the core persons working together.

How is it to be a power metal band nowadays? Is it difficult to stick out from the crowd?

CF: Power metal nowadays means all and nothing. Every band doing melodic metal with no growls or screams is power metal, and I think it’s a good thing for us because there’s a really nice «modern power metal» movement going on lately. Although this thing introduces an obstacle: we are way too many!

So yes, it’s difficult to stand out as a power metal band. Having a personal and original look is so important; if you want to stand out you have to take 100% care of each single aspect of the product you are showing to the crowd.

Yes, about that: when the band was founded, what was your main idea behind the band? You are clearly inspired by fantasy and the Tolkien universe. How did you come up with the idea of combining fantasy, Tolkien and Dwarves, not only lyric wise but also in appearance?

CF: We have always been Tolkien and fantasy fans, and that’s what always led us in composing music. In the beginning we had no clue of what would have been the best path to follow, we just wanted to sing about what we liked. But, at the same time we knew that the LOTR-like stuff was way too much. Then the Hobbit movies came out! We had of course read the book several times already, but we really liked the Peter Jackson’s masterpiece, so we started to think «what if we sing about the Dwarves?». Then we wrote «The Breed Of Durin» in 2015 and it was honestly our favorite song on the album [Wardens Of The West Wind, 2015], so we were like «ok, let’s keep this Dwarves thing going». Later we started to figure out that our musical style could be related to the Dwarves, and it was then we started to dress up properly!

Let’s return to the upcoming album. You are recording it as we speak; how is that going? Is everything going as planned, or are there some bumps along the way?

CF: Keep this in mind: there’s always an issue when you record an album. But after some problems at the beginning I must admit that everything is going on as planned and we are complying with the time schedule we previously made.

We are currently recording the vocals and we plan to have the master ready by the end of November. The wait is almost over; the new masterpiece will hit your headphones and speakers in no time!

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