A few months ago we could learn that ReinXeed was history and that the band had changed name to Majestica. Along with that there is also a new album coming out. With all that in mind, PowerMetal.no had to find out more. We will let Chris David explain.

The last ReinXeed album was released in 2013. What happened after that – and why?

Chris: Yep, time fucking flies! Well, many things happened… to be honest, it was just too many things that didn’t really work out. There were some internal things and also some issues outside of the band with record label etc. So, we just said: «lets a take little break and see what happens».

I wouldn’t say that the band has been on hold, we have been working on this record from time to time over the last 5 years maybe. When we started we said, «Let’s have fun and no stress for this one».
We all have other projects/bands, but I don’t think that really slowed down the recordings. There was no time plan when we started, we just wanted everything to sound and feel good. 

We now know that ReinXeed have changed name to Majestica and a new album is on its way; when did the idea behind all that occur? Did you feel it was necessary to have a «new beginning» so to say?

Chris: The first time we thought about changing the name was just a few days into the recordings actually. But we didn’t think too much about it, and later on it crossed our minds again and again. So, when the record was done we came up with a few name ideas and then we decided to change the name. To be honest I think the name change was very necessary, we needed to feel like it was a «fresh start»!

The band have released six studio albums under the name ReinXeed; what was the reason behind the name change? I mean, the name ReinXeed is quite well known – why change that?

Chris: Hehe! First of all, there has been a line-up change. Then as I said earlier about why we took a break, it was just too many negative feelings surrounding the ReinXeed name, so when we worked on the record we had another working name for the band. To make everything feel good and fun. Then of course the sound might have changed a little as well.

Yes, about that: there is a new album coming out, titled Above The Sky. The album is described in the vein of Helloween, Stratovarius and Gamma Ray. Being six years since the last album, how has the band changed musically?

Chris: Yes, it will be out on the 7th of June! 

First, I think when we went to studio to start recordings it felt like, when we took the break everyone just went home and started practicing all the time, haha… The playing of instruments and vocals are just on another level compared to the ReinXeed records. 

I also think that you will clearly hear the influences from those bands you mention a bit more. I’m not going to say that this is a «old school» power metal album, but I think we took a lot of inspirations from earlier years of power metal and mixed it with the symphonic elements that ReinXeed had. This also came very natural together with the approach of «let’s have fun and make record» because we like to play a lot of older songs from those bands. 

You mentioned that the sound have changed a little; was this something you talked about? I mean, with a new beginning, did you ever consider changing musical direction of some sort. Not that you would begin playing jazz or something, but with everything being «new», did you also talk about the music and did you ever talk about which direction you would take?

Chris: Absolutely not, haha! We just wanted to make a «true» power metal record, that’s when the song «Mötely True» came up! 

You said that you have been working on this record over the last 5 years. Can you tell me more about the process: who has written the lyrics/music? Is it something you do together in the studio, or do you write pieces on your own; how does that work? 

Chris: At least a couple of ideas have been going back and forth since 2014, I think. Tommy usually write the core music, then we give our own touch to the instruments we play, maybe some other bass line and fills etc. 

For the lyrics, there is a few songs that we wrote together in the studio or sent back and forth. Sometimes when Tommy has an idea and send it over he might already have written some cool lyrics straight away, then we are just rolling with that. 

Since last time we heard anything from ReinXeed/Majestica there has also been some changes in the lineup. Alfred Fridhagen is out; why is that?

Chris: Yes, it just didn’t work out on personal level. Nothing bad about him, he is a great drummer! I know he is playing in some other bands these days [Mad Hatter, Morning Dwell].

Photo: Pavel Koubek

On the upcoming album you hired no other than Uli Kusch [ex-Helloween, ex-MasterPlan]! How did you get him onboard? As far as I know he isn’t very active at the moment, at least not as a metal drummer; did you have to persuade him?

Chris: I’m not sure how it actually happened, hehe. 

When we had all the demos done and we decided that we were going to work with Ronny Milianowicz at Studio Seven for the album, we told him that we don’t have a drummer and asked if he knew someone that would be interested. He said «I’m going to ask and old friend, he might be interested». That was Uli, so we sent him the demos and he just said that it was the best demos he had ever heard, and he wanted to play drums on those tracks.

As far as I understand Kusch is not a permanent member of the band. Was that never an option? If so; for whom – him or the band? And why have you decided to go on without a permanent drummer?

Chris: Nope he is not, and as you said he is not very active at the moment, but he really wanted to do this power metal record. You never know, he might show up and play live sometime or maybe the next record as well. 

It’s just because the three of us really enjoys playing together and on the personal level it is a lot of fun! If we are going to have a permanent drummer, it has to be someone that fits together with us and it works out with. Maybe someone will join along the road… But for now, it is the three of us!

In addition to a new name and a new album you have also signed to Nuclear Blast. How was the search for a new record label? Where you in a position where you could pick and choose?

Chris: We didn’t really look around a lot. We knew that we needed a new label for the record and thought that it would be cool to release it together with Nuclear Blast. Then Tommy meet some people on the road from NB and showed them the music and they thought it was awesome. 

For how many albums have signed on to?

Chris: No comments on this one, but this is not a one-off record. 

As we all know Tommy is quite busy with his other band. How will that affect the future plans of Majestica? Will it take another six years till the next album?

Chris: Hehe, I don’t think it’s going to take another six years, but you never know… There is already a couple of demos and ideas for the next thing. 

He is, but all of us are kind of busy with work and other projects so we have to work around and plan around that. The only thing that it affects is that it’s harder to plan things, you just need to keep that in mind for everything you are planning so it works with everyone’s schedule.

What about touring? Sabaton is releasing a new album this year; how will you plan the touring schedule? And what are the plans regarding touring and concerts for Majestica?

Chris: Yeah, the war machine is on the march! There is nothing 100% confirmed at this date, though we have some offers and ideas. There will be gigs/ tours, maybe at the end of the year/ beginning of next year. Something like that is the plan for now. 

Will Kusch be joining you on tour/concerts?

Chris: I don’t know, maybe he will join sometime if the date works for him, but nothing regularly.







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