Since 2002 Torian has been delivering classic German power metal, always without compromising as the founder Carl Delius puts it. Now their are ready to release their fourth studio album.

Congratulations with your new album! How does it feel?

Carl: It feels absolutely great! We know that we have made a strong album in every aspect. For the first time we are still content with the result after such a long time; the mix was finished in May this year.

God of Storms is Torian’s fourth full lenght album since the last one, Dawn, was released back in 2012. Why has it been six years since the last album?

Carl: Well, Dawn was an album with a lyrical concept and at some parts also with a musical concept. The work on it, including the production process, was quite hard and not always fun. After the release we played many shows, and it took a long time until I started the songwriting again. So, it was important to release the EP Phantoms Of The Past in 2015 to reduce the time between the albums. But now things are getting easier.

Torian is the bringer of classic German power metal, but maybe you haven’t gotten the recognition you’ve deserved compared to your country men in various well known power metal bands. Do you think and hope that it will change with this album?

Carl: It is hard to say. In a certain way we feel the recognition, because since Dawn the gigs have become more professional in every sense. We can now choose which shows we want to play, so we don’t have to play every show that is handed to us. With our first three albums, and the live performances, we have made a good name for ourselves; headliner shows, big festival slots, support for bigger bands etc. We are quite happy with the situation. But of course, it would be cool if everything have become bigger, and we are working hard to realize that. But it would not be good if we put ourselves under too much pressure.

The cover artwork is done by Claudio Bergamin, and I must say it’s pretty cool! And it also gives the album a more professional look, maybe compared to your previous releases. How much is the band involved in that type of things, and how important do you think it is?

Carl: Honestly, without our new label [Ram It Down Records] and its contacts, it had never been realized. We are very proud and absolutely happy that the designer of the new Judas Priest album [Firepower], which is a killer, is the man who drew our cover. We had good cover artwork before, but when we had the opportunity to work with Claudio, there were no discussion; we wanted to create a new album cover with him.

It is you, Carl, that writes most of the music. How has the work with this album been?

Carl: This time it went fast and, compared to the previous albums, very easy! It was great fun, because I threw off ballast.

Once again you have worked with producer Seeb Levermann, as you also did on the EP Phantoms Of The Past. How is it to work with him?

Carl: To work with Seeb is very harmonic and we always have a lot of fun together. We know that Seeb is the expert, so he most of the time has the better arguments, haha! And that is something you can transfer to every matter in the music business: the more professional things are running, the more fun you’ll have!

How would you describe this album musically? Fast and catchy are two words that comes into mind after having heard the albums a couple of times. Do you agree?

Carl: Yes, it is fast and catchy, but I think we also worked with a different bpm number this time. Maybe we should add «heroic, powerful and bombastic, but still heavy»?

Speaking about the music; are you constantly trying to renew the Torian sound, or do you believe that you have found «your» sound at this point?

Carl: I think that we still play the «old» sound, but that we have developed it to be more catchy and to the point. Since the EP we have had a good production which may change the sound, but actually we play the same sound as before, only well produced, haha! We always wanted to have a sound like this, especially the choirs you hear on the new album, but that wasn’t possible before. Like I said: we threw off ballast, the structures are more catchy, but the sound is still the same.

When the band was founded back in 2002; what was the idea behind the band back then?

Carl: I founded the band because I wanted to stop making compromises; I wanted to write songs without limitations. I think that the musical influences is still there: Iron Maiden, early Blind Guardian, Iced Earth, Running Wild etc., but also trash metal have always been part of the Torian sound.
In 2002 I wrote pure trash songs too, and now I try to integrate these influences in the Torian sound. But, you can still find me in the mosh pits of Sodom or Kreator, haha! I need at least one pure, fucking trash concert a year, and I love for example the Exodus albums with Rob Dukes. This is the reason why some Torian riffs are still trashy.

What are the plans for promoting the album? Wil there be a tour next year?

Carl: We want to play live, live, live! It does not matter whether there is an Open Air or a good tour. We are open for everything!

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