BROTHERS OF METAL share brand new single.

Svenskene i Brothers Of Metal har, litt ut av det blå, sluppet en helt ny låt, «The Other Son Of Odin«. Om dette er første smakebit på et kommende album er ikke godt å si.

Today the Falun-based collective fronted by the voice of the Valkyries, Ylva Eriksson, suprised with a stunning new song entitled «The Other Son Of Odin». A sign for a new album to come in the not so distant future?

Om låten har vokalist Ylva Eriksson dette å si:

Vidar is a mysterious cool god that we hadn’t heard of before. We thought it would be fun to write a song about one of the lesser known gods. He is one of the few that survives Ragnarök. And WHO can resist his very odd gimmick of having ONE enormous boot!?

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Brothers Of Metal debuterte i 2017 med Prophecy Of Ragnarök. I 2020 slapp de sitt seneste album, Emblas Saga.

Top photo: George Grigoriadis

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