Brothers Of Metal was formed back in 2012. Five years later the debut album, Prophecy Of Ragnarök, was released. Now, a year later, the album is being released again and the band is signed on AFM Records. What a year! had a talk to the 8-piece about the «new» record and how it all started.

So, what’s the idea behind the re-release of the debut album? Is it the work of AFM Records, or is it also a musically decision?

BoM: We see it more as it finally getting a proper release. When we released it on our own, we did so without any real distribution or thought for that matter behind it, we just wanted the world to hear it. We didn’t have money for PR or any real contacts to help us out, so the result was … well, bad! We did it poorly and Odin was unpleased with our doings. We didn’t even have a physical record at the time.

Now it gets a proper world-wide release on both vinyl and CD, new artwork, photos and last but not least, proper videos made by people that know how to swing an axe, so to say.

And speaking about AFM: how has the last year been? From releasing an album as an unsigned band, to one year later release the album again as a signed band?

BoM: It feels great! We have been talking to labels of all shapes and formes from all around the world for over two years, it started long before the release of the album. We thought that our album was good enough to get a proper release with a label. Most big labels were doubtful about it and rightfully so since we had nothing else than a great album to show them.

But from the get-go with AFM it felt right. They have some really passionate people doing awesome work over there and this collaboration feels like the right fit for us at this point in time. We are really looking forward to do our next album from the scratch together with AFM.

Let’s go back to the beginning and the year 2012: what happened then? What was the idea behind the band, how did it take shape, and what was your thoughts about the musically direction the band would take – was that settled from the beginning?

BoM: This is really hard to answer, but it started as many good stories start: a couple of friends, a lot of beverages, Thor and an apartment studio. The theme for the night was «Let’s do a song Manowar would be proud of». The night turned into morning and «Son of Odin» saw the sun rise for the first time.

And at this time time there’s no band, it’s just another party that turned into a song. Four of the current members used to play in a band called Temporary [melodic death metal] and a local pub asked them to play. They were on a break due to lack of drummer (common disease in our part of the metal world) so they answered: «We don’t play anymore, but we have this new project that can play». The pub owner bought it, the problem was that it’s really hard to play one song for 30 minutes, so more songs had to be created. So, in a very short time three or four songs were written, and the rest is history by now.

So, to answer your question: no, the direction was not clear at the beginning. We do what we think is good and what we like, it doesn’t have to be harder than that.

From the «three or four songs» and until the album was released in 2017: was it a continuous work with the album from 2012 and up till 2017?

BoM: No, it has not been what one would call for continuous work. Some bits and pieces along the way. We can be really productive when we get the feel for it. From the get-go we did songs kind of aimlessly, with no other purpose than self-amusement perhaps.

We have become more productive over time; it’s a lot easier to do something when you know why you are doing it, so to say. We didn’t have any grand vision or goals in the beginning. It will not take five more years until we release another album.

How was the recording process, being an unsigned band?

BoM: It was easy! We asked our very talented friend Erik Berglund to help us out. He sat down in our rehearsal studio for two weeks and it was done. We had all the tracks finished, so it was very easy from our point of view. Erik probably has another story to tell if you would ask him.

And yes, I will. So Erik Berglund, whats the «real» story about the recording process of Brothers Of Metal’s debut album?

Erik: It was a pretty straightforward process. My job was mainly to get the best performance and sound out of everyone. And also to keep people in a good mood, even when you have been tracking the same vocal part for two hours. But they are all super professional, so everything went smooth.

And this is a tricky one: for those who haven’t heard the album yet, how would you describe the music of Brothers Of Metal?

BoM: Well, it’s great! Go to YouTube, Spotify, iTunes or buy it at our Facebook page. Just listen to it, trust us when we say it’s great, we have heard it a lot of times.

There are eight people involved in the band: are everybody equally involved in the band and the song writing?

BoM: Of course not, too many cooks spoil the broth, it’s true for metal as well. It’s not doable. Basically, what we do is that someone has an idea, it can be a melody, a theme or a chorus for example. Then they take it to Johan [Johansson, drums], Dawid [Grahn, guitar] or Micke [Fehrm, guitar] and do a «skeleton» of a song as we call it. When that’s done, other band members usually are invited to evolve the song into something greater. Most of the songs are made like that. It usually sounds like us when we get the vocalists in the song. And in the end most members have had their influence into the song one way or the other, but it differs from song to song.

What has the signing with AFM has to say for Brothers Of Metal?

BoM: We are happy with all that is happening right now. It is a lot to manage that we aren’t used to. But all in all, it enables us to do more of what we want, which is to share our metal with the world. In a month or so, we will be able to put our own vinyl record on the player and listen to it, that has to count for something, right?

The second album is due for release September next year. How is the writing process going? Are you working on it as we speak?

BoM: At the moment all the focus is on this release, but we have been working on the second album a lot, but it’s far from done. We can’t say much about it at the moment without spoiling all the fun. 

If you are interested, you should follow our Facebook page where we post all the news about what’s coming up. Stay tuned!

And the last one: do you have a message for the fans?

BoM: Brothers Of Metal are one big metal army, and we’re growing by the day. Know that we are grateful for all your support and we try our best to give you what you want. We have some die-hard fans that has stayed by our side through all these years. To all of you, we salute you! And remember to welcome new recruits as they arrive, because metal is for everyone. 

So, with all that said, thanks for reading and stay true, warriors!

Prophecy Of Ragnarök is due for release November 16th, but it’s available for pre-order here.

Photo: George Grigoriadis Photography

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