BLOODY TIMES will soon release a new EP, but not with John Greely on vocals.

BLOODY TIMES, som i januar 2019 slapp sitt andre studioalbum On A Mission hvor Ross The Boss (ex-Manowar) bidro, kommer snart med en ny EP.

BLOODY TIMES består av bassist og låtskriver Simon Pfundstein og vokalist John Greely (ex-Iced Earth), men på den kommende EP-en vil ikke Greely bidra.

As you may have noticed, we have not shared any news for a while now. Bloody Times was busy creating new content! We worked hard to make a new Single/EP. Most of the content is now already recorded. But unforeseen events forced us to change our plans. Our singer John must take a break and is not able to record this year for personal reasons. Don’t worry, he has not left us and we will work together in the future. For this Single/EP, two different singers will help out, stay tuned about the details, it will be a surprise!

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BLOODY TIMES jobber for tiden også med sitt tredje studioalbum, som forhåpentligvis kommer i løpet av 2020. Da vil også John Greely være tilbake.

With the upcoming release of the Single/EP, we will deliver you an appetizer for the next album. The songwriting process for that has already started, it just needs time. With your support we may be able to record the next full album in 2020/21, having John back on the boat.

Bloody Times second studio album On A Mission

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