Blind Guardian reveal third and final historical trailer.

Etter at Blind Guardian nylig slapp to historiske trailere, eller kortfilmer om du vil, om albumene The Forgotten Tales og Tokyo Tales, har bandet i dag gitt ut en tredje film som tar for seg live-albumet Live.

After recently releasing two historical trailers for their remixed and remastered albums «The Forgotten Tales» and «Tokyo Tales», BLIND GUARDIAN today reveal the third and final episode, which features their re-issue «Live».

The new re-issue of Live can be ordered at Nuclear Blast

Om Live har vokalist Hansi Kürsch dette å si:

‘Live’ is an amazing album. Of all our live outputs this one delivers the roughest and most energetic performance side of BLIND GUARDIAN.  Yet, the audience on ‘Live’ shines even brighter than the band does. This album holds everything BLIND GUARDIAN stands for when it comes to live performances. It’s the perfect finale for this re-collection series.

Live Revisited (official interview):

Forgotten Tales (official interview):

Tokyo Tales (official interview):

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