BATTLE BEAST vocalist NOORA LOUHIMO working on first solo album.

NOORA LOUHIMO, vokalist i finske BATTLE BEAST, jobber for tiden med sitt første soloalbum.

I’ve kept it quiet but now I just wanna say it:
This year I’ve been working on my first solo album with my band and can’t wait to get it out for you to listen.

NOORA LOUHIMO ble med i BATTLE BEAST i 2012, men før det sang hun ulike sjangre – noe som også vil prege det kommende soloalbumet.

This might come as a shock to someone but my roots as a musicians comes from blues, jazz, soul and rock music. Before Battle Beast I’d sing all other genres but heavy metal. In my solo project it is time to go back to the roots…in many ways.

BATTLE BEAST slapp i vår sitt femte album, No More Hollywood Endings.

Top photo: RobeDroid Photography

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