ARCANE TALES reveal album cover and tracklist, along with first single, of upcoming album Tales From Shàranworld.

Soloprosjektet Arcane Tales slipper sitt 5. studioalbum, Tales From Shàranworld, 16. februar 2021. Nå har mannen bak, multiinstrumentalist Luigi Soranno, avslørt albumcoveret og låtlisten.

Arcane Tales – Tales From Shàranworld


1. Under Siege
2. Wall Of Shields
3. The Shadow’s Raise
4. Mirror Of The Dark Side*
5. Magic Spell
6. The Banquet
7. Raging Blade
8. Ghostly Whispers*
9. Rainbows’ Valley
10. Battle For Earth*
11. Screams The Eternal Fortress
12. Winter Symphony
13. Angels’ Descent*
*Songs featured on Battle For Earth (2014), re-arranged and re-recorded for the twentieth anniversary of the birth of the Arcane Tales project.
Om albumet sier Soranno dette:
It’s not usual for me to do this kind of thing (I’ve neve done it before), but I decided to give you a tip on what to expect from the sound of the new album (that will be out next year)… So, take the orchestral symphonies of Symphony of Enchanted Lands and join them with the rude strength of Dawn of Victory by Rhapsody, add a sprinkle of nordic atmospheres in Wintersun’s style here and there, mix well and you can taste the result (only with the mind, at moment)… obviously and strictly all in Arcane Tales’ style. –Luigi Soranno



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