ANUBIS GATE release «Strawberry Field» as first single from the upcoming cover album Covered In Colours.

24. april slipper danske Anubis Gate coveralbumet Covered In ColoursNightmare Records. Nå er første singel fra albumet ute, og det er ingen ringere enn Beatles-klassikeren «Strawberry Fields«.

Hi there. At last here it is. This is a track of our new album COVERED IN COLOURS which is a full album of amazing songs that we didn’t write but put much love into re-arranging and recording.

Anubis Gate – Covered In Colours (Nightmare Records)


Starters :
1. Still Life In Mobile Homes (by Japan)
2. Red (by King Crimson)
3. Plantage (by Under Byen)

The Jazz-Metal Lounge:
4. Experiment (by Voivod)
5. Chromazone (by Mike Stern)
6. Glamour Profession (by Steely Dan)

The beautiful ones:
7. Entangled (by Genesis)
8. Atlas (by Coldplay)

The eighties corner:
9. To France (by Mike Oldfield)
10. Fade To Grey (by Visage)
11. S.A.T.O. (by Ozzy Osbourne)

No, they didn’t… :
12. Aggressive Perfector (by Slayer)
13. Back in Black (by AC/DC)
14. Strawberry Fields Forever (by The Beatles)

I følge bandet var Covered In Colours en nødvendighet etter å ha spilt inn det mørke og introspektive albumet Covered In Black (2017). Med Covered In Colours får fansen et innblikk i hvilke låter som har inspirert og formet bandet, både i ungdomstiden men også senere i livet og karrieren.

Gitarist Kim Olesen har dette å si:

Being the old serious people that are, we consciously strove to avoid the obvious pitfalls of metal-band does cover versions. Instead, the band has treated these amazing songs like they were their own and almost all of them are completely rearranged.
The album is neatly divided into five corners. You can sit in your favorite corner, be comfortable in others, while there may be a corner from which you don’t care for the view. And just like any old grumpy prog listener, you might get the chance to say “They’ve gone too far».



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