Out of nowhere a new project featuring Bob Katsionis (Firewind) and Yannis Papadopoulos (Beast In Black) arised. But, this time they are not playing the leading roles. Warrior Path was created by the unknown Andreas Sinanoglou, and PowerMetal.no just had to find out more about the mastermind behind the critically acclaimed debut album Warrior Path.

Before we get started, could you introduce yourself and tell us some about your musical background?

Andreas: I’m a self-taught guitarist. I started playing at the age of 13 when I borrowed a classical guitar from a friend and I immediately tried to play some Iron Maiden riffs just by hearing them, or at least I tried! I used to practice a lot. My main practice was to try playing my favorite songs on the guitar. I’ve been involved in some local bands and as a session guitar player but nothing permanent.

You are now ready to release the debut album of Warrior Path, in the press release described «not a super-group or a one-man project featuring some high-profile guest». In your own words: what is Warrior Path?

Andreas: Warrior Path is the path of all modern warriors. We are all everyday warriors struggling with everyday battles and trying to overcome our own demons. We fight to be better in everything and our choices have their price as well. It’s our everyday struggle but sung in an epic/heavy way – just like the music we grew up with.

You have had this album in your head since you were 18 years old. Could you take me back to that time; how did it all get started.

Andreas: When I was in high school I bought my first electric guitar, something that made me really happy. And then I started composing my own songs. I cannot explain it, but I was composing music very easy, almost every day, until one day I realized that I had a whole album in my head. However, I never recorded anything until now.

Who were your main influences back then?

Andreas: Even now I tend to more older stuff. My main influences are Iron Maiden, Riot, Crimson Glory, Running Wild, Manila Road, Bathory and Battleroar!!

And what about now?

Andreas: The truth is that they haven’t changed. There are also great bands nowadays but very few. The metal now is very technical and difficult for me to understand.

How has the album developed over the years? Was it finished already when you were 18 years old, or have you been writing songs since back then?

Andreas: I would say that the 90% of the album was finished when I was 18 years old. I am still writing songs, but this album, since it was my dream since high school, I wanted to keep it as it was first written, without many changes.

I guess everyone is wondering why it did take so long for you to record the album?

Andreas: To be honest, it΄s not easy to find musicians who share the same thoughts and ambitions as yourself, and most importantly those who have the experience to help and not want to take advantage of your inexperience. In addition, my daily job leaves me very limited free time.

When did you realize that you were able to record the album; what made that possible?

Andreas: I woke up one day and I said that I will do it no matter what! That simple.

As the producer on the album you got Bob Katsionis of Firewind; how did that happened?

Andreas: I went to his studio and I told him that I had a whole album in my head, not just some ideas and that I wanted to fulfill a dream I’ve had in many years. He told me that I was in the right place, there is nothing more to discuss, we will let the music speak. And then we started immediately!

In the press release Katsionis says that you didn’t bring any demos or anything like that for the first meeting in his studio. And that no one has ever managed to record the album the way you wanted it and that you knew exactly how this album should sound like. Can you emphasize a bit around that; what kind of sound were you looking for, and why haven’t anyone managed to record it the way you wanted?

Andreas: The whole recording process is not an easy task. I’ve tried in the past, a couple of times with some friends, but we never managed even to complete one song. It seems that now it was the right time to do it.

Why was it that you thought Katsionis was the right man for the job?

Andreas: As a simple listener and observer of the Greek scene during all these years, I have seen that only one person, who was called Bob Katsionis, was behind a lot of the stuff I have heard and liked. And only he could be the producer of this album.

What do you remember from the first recording? How was it to finally be able to record the album you have had in your head since you were 18 years old?

Andreas: The recordings and especially to be working with Bob were the best days of my life because I was finally able to fulfill my dream after all these years. And the truth is that after the recordings I felt relieved.

The recordings were finished with you on guitar, Dave Rundle on drums and Bob Katsionis on bass and keyboards. How did that lineup come in place?

Andreas: Bob was eager to participate because he liked the songs and he wanted to help me. For me that was really great cause he is also one of my favorite musicians. Dave and I have been friends for many years. When I asked for his contribution he accepted without hesitation and his help was very valuable.

And as we all can see, something was missing: a vocalist. Did you have Yannis in your minds the whole time, or was there at one-point another vocalist that you thought could deliver what you wanted?

Andreas: Yannis is, in my opinion, the best singer of our generation with great singing abilities and he is a great guy as well. I had him on my mind the whole time and I was really happy when he accepted to participate on my debut album. Although he sings in a different way in Beast in Black, I’ve always thought that his voice could fit better in old school heavy metal.

How did you get in touch with Yannis, and do you remember what his initially reaction was?

Andreas: Bob sent him an email, with the proposal and the songs we had recorded, and he accepted.

After hearing your songs for the first time with Yannis singing them, what did you feel then?

Andreas: I was really shocked! I couldn’t believe it! I was finally able to listen to the songs I once had in my head, with the mighty vocals of Yannis.

The ten songs on the album tell different stories about war, pirates and warriors. What can you tell me about the lyrics, and is there some meaning behind the topics?

Andreas: The lyrics are based on every day difficulties but converted in an epic metal way. I am also influenced by books that tell stories about Warriors, Battles and Mythology. They are also based on things that I try to tell to myself, like «never give up».

For how long have you been writing lyrics for the album; is the lyrics from when you were 18 years old, or are some lyrics newer?

Andreas: All the song was written alongside the music. I am trying to describe, with words and sound, things that I want to say but I have no other way to do it. Most of the lyrics were written when I was 18 years old and I didn’t want to make any changes.

In your own words: how would you describe the music on this album?

Andreas: I would describe it as an old school heavy metal, with many epic/folk elements, but fresher. I believe that you have to listen the whole album in order to get an idea of what Warrior Path has to say.

Do you already have the second album in your head, or what are your thoughts about the future? Will there be more albums?

Andreas: I have already composed the second album. If everything goes well, during this summer, we will begin the recordings with Bob.

Is the lineup on this album your dream lineup; do you want the same lineup on the second album? Have you talked to Yannis about that, or will you have to look for another vocalist?

Andreas: I would be very happy to have the same lineup. I hope Yannis will be able to participate also to the second album, but we haven’t talked about this yet.

Warrior Path’s self titled debut album, Warrior Path can be purchased here.

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