Andre Matos has passed away.

Shaman bekrefter på sin Facebook-side at Andre Matos er død.

Fate has united us, separated us, reunited us and now preached more with us.
It is with deep pain in our hearts that we say goodbye to Andre once more, this time in a definitive way.
In addition to the wound that will never heal, and even knowing that we spend glorious moments with our companion and friend, there will remain forever the best of it in our hearts.

Hva årsaken til døsfallet skyldes er ikke bekreftet, men det sies at et hjerteinfarkt kan være årsaken. Andre Matos var, kun for noen dager side, på scenen med Avantasia under deres konsert i Brasil.

Probable cause of death was a heart attack, but it is worth remembering that this is not yet official information.

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Andre Matos var vokalist i Angra fra 1991 til 2000, og siden har han vært aktiv i bandet Shaman, som soloartist og i blant annet Avantasia.

Flere kollegaer verden rundt har skrevet om tapet av en dyktig vokalist.

Bill Hudson i NorthTale skriver dette:

I just heard the terrible news of the passing of one of my biggest heroes and one of this band’s main musical influences, Andre Matos (#SHAMAN, ex-#ANGRA/#VIPER). Though we were never super close, him and I knew each other and he even rescued me from a bad situation in Brazil letting me ride his band’s tour bus back to my home town of São Paulo back in the day. I don’t know what else to say… This band wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for his music: Carry On, my friend.

Tidligere Angra-vokalist Edu Falaschi skriver dette:

It is with great surprise and regret that I received the news of the death of André Matos! A day that will go down in history to mark one of the most shocking losses to the world of Heavy Metal worldwide, my sincerest condolences to the whole family Matos and his band mates!

Fabio Lione:

…I really have No Words!!!
R.I.P my friend…

Timo Tolkki:

I just heard that my ex bandmate Andre Matos has died. My condolences those near him and all of us that loves his music. Im shock

Tobias Sammet:

I am devastated by the tragic news about the passing of my friend André Matos whom I shared the stage with only five days ago. I am in shock. My thoughts and prayers are with his family. Rest in peace, André Matos

Sascha Paeth:

I just heard the incredible, devastating news, that my long time friend and companion Andre Matos passed away today. We had such good and intense times together that I will never forget. We happily met again after a lot of years last Sunday and now he‘s gone. I am so sad. Thanks for everything Andre and my deepest condolences to his Family.


We are in shock about the news of the passing of our good old friend Andre Matos! A big loss to the Metal community. You’ll never be forgotten brother … REST IN PEACE!


With much pain we received the news of the death of André Matos. Angra is in mourning. André was essential for the success and consecration of this band. The contribution of his talent and presence is invaluable.
There are no words at this time that describe the size of the emptiness left in the hearts of those who loved him from near and far. Brazil loses an irreplaceable talent of the genre Heavy Metal and with it dies the hope of seeing it in our stages again.
May the angels receive your soul and may the Fire Goddess hold the flame of her artistic legacy on forever. R.I.P. André Matos


RIP Andre Matos. Dont have words. Cant believe it. I’ve spent thousands of hours listening to your amazing voice throughout my life. Unbelievable. So sad. So early.

Rafael Bittencourt:

With broken heart I received that Andre Matos passed away. I’m devastated. André was essential for the success and consecrat of my career. In the foundation of the art I perform, it is the result of a friendship and meteoric partnership, a very beautiful story which I feel it didn’t over in a hug. There are no words at this time to describe how big is the emptiness left in my heart which loved him near and far. Brazil lost an irreplaceable talent of the Heavy-metal genre and with him, dies the hope we had in share the stage together again. May the angels receive your soul and may the Fire Goddess hold the flame of him artistic legacy forever. R.I.P. André Matos

Kiko Loureiro:

What a sad morning. A phone call and the news that André Matos passed away. Life is too fragile. I cried. Since I was 14 years old back in the Rio Branco school, André was already a benchmark. We all wanted to be like him. The unparalleled voice, the talent for the piano. Luckily, the destiny united us for nine years. In the years we spent together, we have created and lived incredible things which are kept in the most special place in my memory. The crazy dream of having a world-famous heavy metal band that we talked about while sitting on the bus going to rehearsals. The songs he wrote are timeless (Play Carry On!), the albums… from our first precarious shows to the big tours in Europe. Everything is coming back to my mind now. From his peerless high notes to the glance over the round glasses.
André, you were and will always be so important to us all. This week he said he wanted to play together again after 20 years. Too sad. Your voice, your songs, and your piano will be eternal for all of us fans.. Thank you, André. RIP


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