Samurai metal band ALLEGIANCE REIGN have released their debut album, Ei Ei O, feat. special guest ALESSANDRO CONTI (TWILIGHT FORCE, TRICK OR TREAT).

Allegiance Reign fra Japan debuterer 22. april med sin første fullengder Ei Ei O.

The release of our first long battle suite is decided.
This time, Allegiance Reign has decided to release their first album «Ei Ei O» from FABTONE Inc.!
The release schedule will be on April 22nd.

Allegiance Reign – Ei Ei O (FABTONE Inc.)


1. Warcry
2. A Signal Fire Of Battle
3. Ei Ei O
4. Allegiance Sword
5. Marching Warriors
6. A Chance Meeting And Farewell
7. Samurais Procession
8. All Fades
9. Funeral Of A Comrade
10. Determination
11. Heaps Of Bodies And Streams Of Blood, Fierce Battle
12. End Of A Journey

Albumet har blitt mikset og mastret av Simone Mularoni ved Domination Studios og har vokalist Alessandro Conti (Trick Or Treat, Twilight Force) og gitarist Izo (Veiled In Scarlet) som gjester. Tittelen på albumet, Ei Ei O, er et japansk seiersrop brukt av samuraier.

In Japan, «Ei Ei O» is a shout of triumph at the beginning or the end of the
war, commonly used by samurais in medievals, warring state period.

Alessandro Conti comments on joining our 1st album.

【Notice】Only 10 days remain until the release of Allegiance Reign's first full-length battle suite "Ei Ei O".At present, Italy is in a difficult situation, but the vocalist of TRICK OR TREAT / Twilight Force, Alessandro Conti, has sent us a comment video!Please have a look. With Japanese subtitles.—-【お知らせ】Allegiance Reign初の長編合戦組曲「Ei Ei O」発売まで残り10日となりました。現在、伊太利亜国が大変な状況で御座いますがTRICK OR TREAT/Twilight Forceのボーカリスト、アレサンドロ・コンティ氏がコメント動画を送ってくれました!字幕を付けておりますので是非ご覧下さいませ。

Publisert av Allegiance Reign Lørdag 11. april 2020

Allegiance Reign ga i 2018 ut EP-en A Signal Fire Of Battle. Bandet består i dag av vokalist Hisaya Sassa, gitarist Takeyoshi Yashiroyama, bassist Tomonari Hasegawa, keyboardist Kazumi Ami og trommeslager Rihito.

Allegiance Reign

Første singel fra debutalbumet er tittelsporet «Ei Ei O«.

Warcry resounding in the battlefield, slashing and blowing conch shells, samurai’s clashes wearing armor and cutting lives, all recorded as symphonies in this album! Now, let’s shout the victory song with katana! Ei, Ei, O!

Order Ei Ei O here.



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