ALESTORM – Live In Tilburg 2019 full show released on YouTube.

Alestorms konsert i Tilburg (Nederland) i 2019 har nå blitt sluppet på YouTube.


Alestorm har denne kommentaren til begivenheten:

Oh wow! Back in the before time, in the long long ago, before many of you were even born, people could roam the earth freely without fear of being struck down by deadly diseases. We now present to you a relic from that ancient time-lost era; a ‘live concert’! Behold in wonder as 3000 people stand shoulder to shoulder in a room without becoming deathly ill! Marvel at the careless abandon as 5 talentless musicians play a show for 90 minutes without once washing their hands! Recoil in horror as a 2 metre tall man inhales several beers in swift succession! Most importantly though, stay home, stay safe, and enjoy the show!

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Alestorm slipper sitt nye album, Curse Of The Crystal Coconut, 29. mai 2020. Første singel fra det kommende albumet er «Treasure Chest Party Quest«.

Top photo: Jostijn Ligtvoet (



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