The Italian band Flashback Of Anger have recently released their third album, Shades. Now they want to take their show abroad, but hopefully they wont loose a luggage full of merch this time –  as they did in Norway… We’ll let Alessio Gori tell the rest.

Congratulations with your new album! How has the reception been?

Alessio: It was long awaited by our fan base and we must say that looking at the purchases and the digital statistic we are satisfied. Also considering that, so far, we don’t have a promotion agency and we’re doing everything on our own.

Shades is your third full lenght album, and compared to the other two; how has the band evolved since the debut back in 2009?

Alessio: With every album we’ve had lineup changes, something that effected also the songwriting. On the first two albums, we were 6 band members and the songwriting could be more elaborated. Now, that we are 4, we decided to take a slightly different musikal and path towards a more direct sound.

Either way, the main songwriter is still me. So, I have tried to evolve but not to completely change the main characteristics of the band, that is based on melody, speed, power and some prog influences.

How has the work with this album been? It’s four years since the last album; how long has the songwriting process been?

Alessio: I started composing the first 5-6 songs in 2015, but due to the lineup changes I put everything on hold trying to find the strenght to og on with this project. At the end of 2016 we were lucky to find Lorenzo [Innocenti] on drums and Marco [Moroni] on bass, and we then decided to continue with 4 members. In 2017, we completed the songwriting and started the pre-production. The recording sessions started in 2018, and in June the album was ready!

Regarding the new members in Marco and Lorenzo. Why the change in lineup and what does the new members bring to the table?

Alessio: This is not our fulltime job and when you are finished studying you have to face reality and make important decisions for the future. So, the lineup changes is all because of this; there is nothing personal or musical – it’s simply the fact that some old band members couldn’t spend the same effort in this project and decided to leave.

About the new members: Lorenzo joined us first, then he called Marco who he already had played with in Seven Gates. So, they knew each other from before and that is a big plus regarding a rhythmic section! With them we have a more direct approach to Our music, and we now have a very solid base!

As this being your third album; does it get easier to write songs and albums over the years, or more difficult?

Alessio: Experience does help, but it doesn’t make it easier. We know that the fans always wants something different and expect to see some evolution and development within a band. I think it’s really hard to understand which path to follow when you begin the songwriting of a new album but in the end we always try to follow our taste. Music is, unfortunately, not our day job as I said earlier, but it is our passion. So, if you like it – enjoy it! Otherwise; the world has plenty of different bands!

The lyrics appear to be quite sophisticated and deals with everyday subjects, and the fantasy themed lyrics we often hear is not present here. What can you tell me about the lyrics?

Alessio: I respect all those bands [that writes fantasy themed lyrics] and my opinion is that the music is more important than the lyrics. I can listen to a song in a foreign, obscure language and still enjoy the music. We decided not to take the easy way and create som fantasy story and follow it with the lyrics. Our music is always inspired by the world we are living in, and this is why we sometimes sing about the Bataclan attack, historical themes such as Marco Polo of the Japanese holdout Hiroo Onoda, gambling and other social problems. We feel free to write about everything, and our music is led by all these inspirations. In this way, we try to give an added value to our music. 

Even though Flashback Of Anger is original and unique, I can still hear the Italian sound. I don’t know what it is, but it is something that a lot of Italian bands have in common. It’s the same with bands from Finland, Germany and Sweden for example; some elements in the music reveals the nationality of the band. Do you agree? And can you point out what the secret Italian ingredients is?

Alessio: Yes, I agree! Maybe it is the sun or the food, haha! I think you can recognize an Italian band specially from the singer and the production. Our English is not the best, I know! But, I think that we are still somehow connected to our «opera history», and our way of singing is extremely powerful and sometimes, if you are not a professional, not controlled. But, this is also  a way to deliver all the passion that this country has in its veins. About the production, I think that in Italy there are few really good studios for this kind of music, and that we’re still not at the same level as Germany or the Scandinavian region for example. Maybe it’s just a matter of money?

And talking about the music; what can you tell me about the new album? 

Alessio: We think that this album has all the ingredients for it to be listened, not only one, but many times. And that is our goal! The album is of course full of passion, energy, speed and some catchy unforgettable choruses. What can we say other than; listen to it and we hope that you will enjoy it!

I know that you have been on tour in Norway, where you of course visited the capital Oslo, but also some smaller places like Sandefjord and Otta. What do you remember from that tour?

Alessio: It was the first album tour where we promoted our debut album Splinters Of Life [2009]. We played at Otta Metal Fest with Saint Deamon, Ram-Zet, Illusion Suite and others. The other two gigs in Oslo and Sandefjord where with Illusion Suite. We had some very special times in Norway! The local promoter was really weird; he stole some money from us and we almost lost our flight back home. And because of that a luggage With our merch is still there, somewhere… But we had an extremely good reception there and we hope to come back soon! So, if any good local promoter reads this… Haha!

I will spread the word! But what about the plans for touring in the near future?

Alessio: We are not able to plan a «real» tour because of our jobs and families. But we would like to promote this albums as best as possible. We will catch local opportunities, and of course we will try to bring our show out of Italy, because this band gives its best live on stage! 

Review: Flashback Of Anger – Shades

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