For the Swedes in Age Of Glory the most important thing is to spread their Message of Glory through their music, but unfortunately the debut album is not close at hand.

Age Of Glory was formed in 2007. Could you give me a quick history lesson regarding the bands formation and up till now?

AoG: Oscar [Jacobsson, guitar] had a holy light in his heart that had to come out, so he asked his warrior brothers – initially Márton [Tóth, guitar], Andreas [Alme, drums] and two keyboardists in Máté Sall and Alexander Molnár, to aid him in this righteous battle.

It has been a long struggle, changing band members along the way – mostly bassists and vocalists, but here we stand. The Four Warriors of Light: Oscar Jacobsson, Andreas Alme, Jakob ‘Jacke’ Sandberg and Márton Tóth.

It’s been over a year since you released your first EP, The Dawn Of Heroes (2017). How has the response been?

AoG: Very positive! We have received glorious recognition which has been a great honour. Especially from Thailand, South America and Poland.

You also released a demo in 2009, Tales Of Valeur. How would you compare those two releases; how has the band changed musically during those years?

AoG: On Tales Of Valeur it is more straight-forward, old-School power metal songs, no matter if it comes to chord progressions or the vocal parts. Most of the songs were written by our guitarist Oscar Jacobsson.

The Dawn Of Heroes containes more progressive, but also more symphonic elements. We tried to have a more mixed sound, with different genres involved; metal to classical, to folk music – not to mention the oriental part in the song «The Dawn Of Heroes». The lyrics have a broader, more of a story-like content, and the vocal parts are mixed; everything from classic power metal vocals to opera-like singing. On this EP the songs were written by all band members.

Image and theme wise I can see some similarities with Twilight Force, but to be fair Age Of Glory was formed years before Twilight Force. Do you ever think «that should’ve been us», hehe?

AoG: Who is Twilight Force? Hehe! If any similarities can be found, it has been due to the Dark Lord who has tried to imitate us.

Who are your musical influences?

AoG: When it comes to metal: Rhapsody Of Fire, Manowar, Ensiferum, and early DragonForce. Otherwise: film scores, mainly composed by Hans Zimmer, James Horner and alike. And also Nordic folk music.

As mentioned earlier; during the 11 years the band has been active you have released one demo and one EP. When will the first album be released, and why have it taken so long?

AoG: We had many side quests [=projects] so it took a lot of time to make the first demo and eventually the first EP. But alas, as destiny has it, we are in different parts of the world and the Kingdom of Sweden, so the commencing of the first full-fledged album might not be close at hand.

What are the overall plans with the band? Is it a hobby, or do you have plans to make this a full-time thing?

AoG: It will never be a full-time thing. But we exist on the astral level, as a holy musical force. We are a Whisper in the Wind.

How about concerts and touring? How important is that for Age Of Glory, and what are the plans for the future regarding playing live?

AoG: Since we are fighting our Holy Battles in different parts of the world, we have no plans to do concerts for the time being. Spreading our Message of Glory through our music is the most important thing.

Are the members in Age Of Glory active in other bands?

AoG: Yes, Oscar has a folk music band called Förgätmigej; he’s a travelling bard. Andreas has played a lot of pop, Jacke has a solo project and Plays with different bands, mostly progressive rock, and Márton is playing jazz and composes country songs on his own.

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