A NEW TOMORROW, feat. ex-POWER QUEST vocalist ALESSIO GARAVELLO, will release their debut album, Universe, on December 6th.

A NEW TOMORROW debuterer med albumet Universe 6. desember 2019.

A New Tomorrow will release their debut album, «Universe» on December 6, 2019. More details, first single, and pre-orders to be announced in the coming weeks.

Artwork designed by Gustavo Sazes.


1. I Wanna Live
2. A Million Stars
3. Golden Sands
4. Ignition
5. Mother Earth Is Calling
6. Mountains
7. Step Into The Wild…
8. …Home
9. Multitude of Nothing
10. Universe
11. Abrasive (Bonus Track – Physical Versions ONLY)

Om debutalbumet sa trommeslager Tim Hall dette da bandet signerte med Frontiers Music srl:

Expect dynamic and heavy songs, with intricate, interwoven grooves, alongside blankets of melodic guitars and powerful vocals. We feel invigorated playing this music and can’t wait to unleash that energy live in 2019.

Bandet, som består av vokalist og gitarist Alessio Garavello (ex-Power Quest/Arthemis), bassist Andrea Lonardi, trommis Tim Hall, og gitarist Michael Kew (Vega), ble dannet i 2009 og signerte med Frontiers Music srl i 2018.

Alessio Garavello sa dette da bandet signerte med Frontiers Music srl:

It’s fantastic to start working with a label that shares the same vision for our music that we do! This union presents an opportunity for us to grow and evolve as a band and we really can’t wait to continue the journey in 2019 and beyond.

A NEW TOMORROW slapp EP-en Incandescent i 2012.

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