In the four years after the debut album, Lies’ Device, Kalidia has grown both as musicians and songwriters, but the classic melodic Kalidia vibe is still present. had a talk with vocalist Nicoletta Rosellini about the new album, The Frozen Throne.

First of all: congratulations with your second studio album!

Nicoletta: Thanks a lot! We are really proud of this new release!

It’s been four years since your last album. What have you been doing since the release of Lies’ Device?

Nicoletta: Many things, actually! We never stopped! We have been playing a lot, both in Italy, Germany and the UK, gaining experience and followers, but also working on the new album of course.

How has the songwriting process for this album been?

Nicoletta: We started writing for the new album in 2015, and as always our main composer, Federico Paolini [guitar], came up with most of the songs. So they were already written, more or less. During 2016, after Meeting our producer Lars Rettkowitz [Freedom Call], we worked together on the arrangements.

Yes, about that: how did you end up with Lars Rettkowitz, and how has it been to be working with him?

Nicoletta: Actually, this is a cool story! Lars found Our music on YouTube, and then he contacted us because he saw some potential in our band. And that made us really happy, of course! It was a great pleasure to work with such a musician. And he’s not only involved in the metal scene, but he’s also working with pop, rock and other genres of music, so we really learned a lot from this experience!

As I mentioned it has been four years since the last album. How has the band, and you individually, developed during those years, and has that affected the music? Is it possible to compare those two albums?

Nicoletta: We have grown under many different aspects. Both as musicians and songwriters we have been studying to improve our skills. But we did also learn a lot from our previous album, so everything came easier this time. And as live musicians we have also grown a lot.

I think it’s quite difficult to compare the two albums; different production, different sound, different arrangements etc. But you can still recognize the classic, melodic Kalidia vibe.

The new album is called The Frozen Throne. What is the story behind that?

Nicoletta: The title, The Frozen Throne, is inspired by the video game series of Warcraft, but this is not a concept album. Besides the title track, the other songs are about mythology, history and personal experiences.

You talked some about the development of the band earlier. In that regard; what can you tell me about the new album?

Nicoletta: The new album features 11 tracks of melodic power metal, with a fresh touch. We haven’t changed musically, but as I said earlier, we have grown. More modern arrangements and sound are the main difference.

The band has been active since 2010. How has the years since the beginning been?

Nicoletta: The band was founded by me, Federico and our former keyboardist and drummer. Before gathering up in Kalidia, we played together in a cover band. Then we decided to focus on writing our own songs and at the same time we changed the name to Kalidia.

The first years were really funny! We played in small clubs around our home town, entered competitions and so on. At that time it was also easier to play live in Italy, now it’s more difficult. In 2012 we released our first demo-EP. Thinking back it was a good time, and we are happy about what we did in these years.

Can you remember what the four of you were thinking when you decided to change your band name to Kailida and start to Write your own songs? What did you want to achieve with the band?

Nicoletta: Well, we didn’t think too much about it at the time, we just wanted to write music and have fun together. After we relased our first demo-EP we started to to dream big because it was really well acclaimed. But we weren’t that experienced at that time. For this second album, we have invested a lot being able to to have the best product possible, and to be competitive on the music market.

The band got a flying start with the debut album. How was it to release it independently, and how has the search for a record company been like?

Nicoletta: It was very difficult at in the beginning because it was the first experience for all of us. But we got a lot of help from other musicians. In the end, it was a really great decision, since the album went so well. And because of that we were able to invest more on the second album, since we could keep all the income from the debut.

The search for a record deal was easier with the second album, because of the positive experience with the first one. But we were really surprised by our label [Inner Wound Recordings] because they truly believe in us, and after some months of working together I can confirm that this was the best decision for us.

According to the press release the band is inspired by Rhapsody, HammerFall and Stratovarius. Is this the kind of music you grew up listening to, or what are your musical influences?

Nicoletta: At the beginning we started to play songs from those bands, because they are our main influences. But within the band there are a lot of other musical tastes. Like, Roberto [Donati, bass] are into glam and hard rock, and Dario [Gozzi, drums] prefer progmetal.  

You have been very arctive on the live scene, supporting bands like Rhapsody Of Fire, Vision Divine, Timo Tolkki and others. How important is it for a band like Kalidia to get the opportunity to play live and support those big bands?

Nicoletta: Playing with such musicians and bands have helped us to spread the word about our band, especially at the very beginning of this journey. We really like to play in all kind of venues, also the small pubs, because we have a strong connection With our crowd and supporters, so it’s always a party!

I guess Kalidia will be hitting the road after the release? What are the festivals and concert plans?

Nicoletta: We have several Italian shows booked for 2018 and more festivals in 2019. We are also working With our label for an European tour in 2019, but nothing is settled yet. 

Kalidia’s second studio album is due for release on November 23rd.



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